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who am I? The Reality of Today’s Humanity (NEED JUSTICE)

The Reality of Today's Humanity

The Reality of Today’s Humanity (JusticeforZainab)

It is a tremendous society from the endless breaking news, stepping-up snatches, killings of saints, deadly honeymooners, gentlemen, Salman Tafsirs, slaughtered Khurram Zooks, screamed Mushal Khanas and Saskat Shakil Ojages. I am tired that I have left a black image in the mobile gallery, every time I take my DP for a few days to condemn any horrific incident, eight lakes, four committees and two things You get mixed, some get full of hairs, some horrific hiccups and some crocodiles flatter four tears, I think the duty is fulfilled.

Go ahead and move my own laboratory body in front of the press club, stop the path of unspeakable entities, and take four slogans, write a red heartbeat on the banner and scream, make a ten rupees candle burnt. I think the duty is complete.

A little more moving forward, I am a part of the procession of a road, fire grounds, smoke send the curse to the people of the society, I think the duty is fulfilled.

Then I move forward, a large number of sticks of the ladders passed through the living body, extinguished the unhealthy living of a living zainab, the red eyes of someone else’s red eyes, without the knowledge of poverty, poverty of a 60-year-old I enter the glass palace of my house spreading eyes.


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