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New Features of Google Map can come in handy during your journey

features of Google Map

Make your journey by using these great Features of Google Map

New Delhi (Tech Desk) Google Map is one of the coolest features you’ve ever used or you’ve ever used. With Google Maps, you can easily move around the places you do not know about. On Google Maps, you can estimate the distance and time of any place. Features of Google Map gives you information on train, car, bus, distance, and time. The popularity of the Google map used in every country of the world is growing in India every day. But do you know what new features Google Maps released last year? Do not know, no matter, because we are going to tell you about these new features. You may be surprised to know that some of these features were first launched in India.

Motorcycle Mode

features of Google Map

Motorbike mode launched in keeping with Indian roads in mind. Google designed this feature for two-wheeler. Motorcycle mode also tells about shortcuts with roads. Apart from this, these apps also give you landmark information for different places. Motorbike mode was first launched by Google in India. This features of Google Map is currently only available in India, which is preparing Google to launch in other countries.

Remember parking with features of Google Map

features of Google Map

With the help of this feature, iOS and Android users can find out where they parked their car. After tapping the blue dot appearing on the Android user map, you can lock your vehicle on the map by tapping Save Your Parking. After that you will see a label, so that you can track the location of your car parking. After tapping the blue dot appearing on the map of iOS users, you can lock your vehicle on the map by tapping Set as parking location. After that you will see a label, you can put more information on car parking by tapping on it.

Which time to travel is right

In July last year, Google launched a feature that tells what time of the day is right for travel. The features of Google Map tells you how to go to your place of choice, along with it gives the feature information about the distance and time of the place. One of the features of the feature is also to give information about toll during its travel.

SOS Alert

features of Google Map

This feature of Google can be quite beneficial for users trapped in trouble. The user has to tap an icon showing in the app, after which many details will be collected in the smartphone. Users will get important numbers and information about the website.

App will give info about toilets

features of Google Ma

In the year 2018 Google brought a special feature for its users. Users can locate toilets in this feature. Feature gives information about 331 community toilets in New Delhi. You just have to write ‘Toilet’ or ‘Public Toilet’, after which Google Map will provide information about the closest toilet to your location.

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