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How to compress a video without losing its quality using handbrake.

How to compress a video without losing its quality using handbrake.

Hello friends in this post I wanna show you a simple way of compressing a video without Losing its quality…
first what we need is to download a tool called handbrake for pc install it and run.
now on the main screen you will click on source at the upper left hand to select the video file You want to compress.

After clicking the source you will click on file to select the video from its location.
you can still add more than one video to be compressed by using the folder option there, just move all the videos you want to compress you a separate folder and click on the folder option after clicking on the source.
(Videos can still be added by dragging the video file or folder into handbrake.)
And now that you got the video you want to compress, lets proceed to the next stage which is creating a destination folder for the compressed video.
(destination folder is where you want the compressed video to be stored)
Now Still on the home screen, click browse besides the destination box and select the path where you want the compressed file to be saved.

(Am just gonna save it to my desktop)
Now lets head over to the next step which is setting up the compression ratio.
Click on the video tab

Now set your quality to 25
(any other thing will affect the quality)
There…just set yours according to how I set mine…dont do any other thing.

Now click on start at the top…

Now watch the progress ratio at the bottom left side of the tool…allow it to complete the compression.

Now you will get a msg that the queue is finised when the compression is completed. Now if you wish to compress more videos you can repeat the same process or while the video is compressing you can add more videos to queue to be automatically compressed after the completion of the current compressing video.

by clicking on source>file>select the video you want to compress (you can select more than one video by holding ctrl key and right click on the videos you want to compress)>now click on add to queue
Now you are done, please contact us if you find it difficult or if you need help and guild.
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